How Can You Survive a Relationship with a Gamer?

Dating a gamer can be a real nuisance sometimes – and I’m telling you this as someone who’s married to one. As a girlfriend, you want your partner for yourself, and sharing him with the PS4 is probably not what you signed up for.

However, you can’t control who you fall in love with, and if it happens to be a gamer, you can’t easily run away. You make the relationship work and balance it with his gaming sessions. But how is that possible? Let’s find out.

How It Happened

I met him at a party, where a common friend invited both of us. He seemed really quiet, he wouldn’t dance a lot, and his eyes wouldn’t wander over any woman passing by. Sounds dreamy so far, doesn’t it?

I found him interesting, as I was never into guys who were too much of an attention seeker – or didn’t seem serious enough for a relationship. I was sitting alone at the table, and I was too shy to go and talk to him. What would I even tell him?

Thankfully, he noticed me sitting alone and approached me. So, that’s how it all started between us. We talked about how the noise was getting too disturbing, and how we wished we could be in a quiet place. Consequently, he invited me to the restaurant.

As it’s already obvious, the date was successful, and we’re married now. But the journey wasn’t always bright.

How It Played Out

At the beginning of the relationship, things were going great. I loved the fact that he wasn’t the type of guy who went out too much. He wouldn’t lock himself in his room for days, but he didn’t fancy going to events or parties either.

However, problems started to surface once the relationship progressed. My problem was the fact that he was too obsessed with video games. As soon as we got more comfortable around each other, going out stopped, and we were spending more time inside. I didn’t mind, but I wished he would stop killing aliens and would spend time with me instead.

Sometimes, he would hand me the console and invite me to play with him, and it could be really fun, depending on the game. Other times, however, I was either getting bored or felt like I was an obstacle in his way. I wished he would forget about his game and go out with me instead.

At the same time, however, I didn’t want to be controlling either – because that could damage our relationship. I knew he was a good guy, but I just wished he would give me more attention and leave his games for a day.

We talked it out, in the end, and he agreed that he was neglecting me. He apologized and tried to fix his gaming schedule. As we grew older, responsibilities hit us, and gaming time was nearly inexistent. We got jobs, had to buy a house, had to renovate it, and later had a child.

We have a happy marriage now. Although we had our issues, just like any couple, we always know how to solve them together. That’s how a relationship lasts. As for his gaming, he got back to it, but now he knows how to balance personal life with gaming.

How to Survive in a Relationship with a Gamer

If you want a relationship to work, you need to make efforts. Despite your partner’s gaming sessions being annoying to you, you need to discuss it. Communication is going to help your relationship and make it last. Here are some tips on how to survive the relationship without killing your gamer boyfriend:

  1. Watch out for addiction

Too much of anything can be unhealthy. It is the same for gaming – playing too much can significantly damage a person’s life.

Is he always talking about video games? Is he always late when he goes to work, or when he meets you because he was playing? Is he canceling plans with you for his games? These are red flags that your beloved might be addicted. Try to talk it out with him and decide on reducing gaming time.

  1. Don’t change him

Although he should reduce his gaming time if it affects your relationship, that doesn’t mean he has to give up on gaming altogether. It’s his hobby – and therefore, you should respect it. Changing him into something he’s not will have a damaging impact on your relationship.

  1. Play together

Why not join the fun of video gaming? Not only you take interest in your partner’s hobbies, but it may also end up being entertaining. Moreover, you spend more time together. You may even start to love gaming yourself.

To conclude with, a relationship with a gamer can be a great thing to have if you know how to handle it. Your significant other has a hobby, and if that makes him happy, you should accept that. As long as it doesn’t affect your life together, it’s nothing to worry about.