Average Content Writer Salary

Content Writer Salary

Average Content Writer Salary By State

What am I worth?

Content Writer average salary by State

State Avg. Salary Hourly Rate Job Count
Alabama $58,407 $28.08 79
Alaska $73,578 $35.37 41
Arizona $68,504 $32.93 176
Arkansas $56,976 $27.39 70
California $75,977 $36.53 1,625
Colorado $66,523 $31.98 222
Connecticut $67,015 $32.22 134
Delaware $64,086 $30.81 52
District of Columbia $63,340 $30.45 249
Florida $54,899 $26.39 480
Georgia $71,617 $34.43 326
Hawaii $58,308 $28.03 31
Idaho $69,331 $33.33 60
Illinois $49,689 $23.89 517
Indiana $57,212 $27.51 140
Iowa $57,995 $27.88 79
Kansas $60,317 $29.00 75
Kentucky $65,108 $31.30 64
Louisiana $63,427 $30.49 47
Maine $60,067 $28.88 25
Maryland $60,342 $29.01 408
Massachusetts $71,109 $34.19 571
Michigan $54,127 $26.02 218
Minnesota $64,574 $31.05 229
Mississippi $68,429 $32.90 29
Missouri $55,421 $26.64 180
Montana $66,096 $31.78 48
Nebraska $65,668 $31.57 95
Nevada $78,137 $37.57 93
New Hampshire $67,922 $32.65 54
New Jersey $59,708 $28.71 347
New Mexico $60,120 $28.90 56
New York $65,999 $31.73 1,088
North Carolina $55,280 $26.58 365
North Dakota $65,983 $31.72 28
Ohio $64,875 $31.19 258
Oklahoma $60,592 $29.13 68
Oregon $71,232 $34.25 260
Pennsylvania $47,474 $22.82 375
Rhode Island $67,910 $32.65 55
South Carolina $66,215 $31.83 93
South Dakota $60,780 $29.22 24
Tennessee $55,369 $26.62 139
Texas $57,440 $27.62 712
Utah $76,807 $36.93 165
Vermont $66,598 $32.02 42
Virginia $48,116 $23.13 519
Washington $72,771 $34.99 357
West Virginia $64,511 $31.01 35
Wisconsin $57,645 $27.71 152
Wyoming $56,128 $26.98 40

How much should you get paid?


How Much Money Do These Writers Earn Annually?

1. Freelance Writers

These writers are paid on two parameters. They are word count and no. of hours. These writers receive their content writing salaries depending upon the kind of project they are working on.

Usually, people who choose freelance writers to get their work done, settle a standard price per word written. So, depending upon the word count and price per word, the salaries of freelance writers could vary.

This standard price per word also fluctuates depending upon, the number of words the employer would require regularly. Usually, the standard price per word ranges from Rs0.15 or less to Rs0.40 or more sometimes.

On average the freelance writer is said to be paid Rs200 an hour, which sums up to a total of Rs246, 727 annually. This amount may not be as much as other content writing jobs, but in comparison to the inconsistent opportunities and non-uniform income value, this amount is decent for freelancers.

This could increase considering the experience and rating of a freelance writer. Such projects are not long term projects which is why freelance writers have to find more such opportunities.

There are some extremely professional freelance writers, who charge as much as $100 per article they write. Experience and expertise along with a few marketing strategies could help increase the content writing salaries of a freelance writer.

The writer needs to have a keen understanding of the content writing industry and what kind of offers allow for more freelance opportunities. Taking wise decisions in such a work process is very important for the long run.

Once established as an experienced and highly recommended freelance writer, the opportunities increase along with the content writing salaries. Therefore acting strategically would help one increase their content writing salaries.

To find a spot in the market, and to have decent salaries as a content writer, initially, freelancers are suggested to put their standard pay per hour low and allow more opportunities to gain experience and ratings.

2. Bloggers

Millions of blog articles are posted every single day. This gives a clear idea about, how vast is the industry along with the huge number of people into blogging. The growth of bloggers in India has been well over the past few years, and that too in terms of earning Bloggers are seen to have a more consistent and decent earning over Freelancers.

Content writing salary in the blogging sector is good but one has to follow some terms and rules to achieve that. Expecting the flow of good money as a content writing salary would probably be the wrong process.

Adsense is one of the best options for bloggers to find ads that pay, apart from these holding on to a quality niche helps one find advertisers from similar domains. Adsense comes with decent pay per click price and is a Google-supported service, therefore, can be trusted.

Getting traffic to the blog is important for any blogger as that increases the chances of getting more ad clicks. Blogging essentially requires an audience. Finding a potential audience and growing it is a very important part of blogging.

Qualities of a Profitable Blog:

Profitable blog posts more frequently. To make a blog profitable, it has to meet the demands of readers and create a potential audience base with active readers who visit the blog frequently. Gaining traffic from email subscribers have been found profitable.

Optimizing articles help rank better on Google and find more traffic. Using eyes catching headlines helps grab more audience attention. Investing in the correct domain and other services helps the blog grow properly.

How much does an Average Blogger Earn Annually?

Content writing salaries in blogging are quite uncertain and therefore it is difficult to find a definite number as annual income. But an Average blog that makes money would earn anywhere between 2 to 7lakhs annually.

3. Sketch and Script Writers

They either work on someone else’s ideas otherwise they use their creativity to write scripts and sketch. Later they pitch these scripts and sketch ideas to media producers and directors.

Therefore people passionate about writing scripts and sketch ideas are recommended to work for a particular media company that has multiple projects. This helps in finding stable earnings as content writing salaries and continuity in work.

Unless and until one has gained enough experience and reputation, it is quite difficult to find opportunities. It is a tough decision to choose sketch writing as a career decision unless one is very much passionate about it.

Apart from these challenges, this career comes with high-income value as well. Though it is difficult to find opportunities, once found these opportunities could pay really good money as content writing salaries.

How Much Can You Expect to Earn?

Content Writer Salary

content writing rates payscale

The average annual salary is $39,555. The lowest 10% generate $15,000, while the highest 10% make $76,000. Since the lowest 10% makes less than minimum wage, we can assume that these prices are for part-time workers, and vice-versa with the highest-paid writers.

Taking bonuses, profit-sharing, and commissions in place, the total pay ranges between $24k to $117k. I have never heard of these bonuses in freelance content writing, but that can be something to consider in your calculations.

Ziprecruiter shows the average rate is 25% higher than Payscale’s. However, that’s taking the average, which includes the outliers. The distribution shows a closer number to Payscale’s, with most rates being closer to the $25 per hour range.

Content Writer Hourly Rate

copywriting rates payscale

editors rates payscale

Content Writing Rates

This data shows that Australian content writers make the same as their American counterparts, while Canadians make 22% less than Americans. On the other hand, the British make 10% more than Americans.

Content Writing Rates

content writing rates ziprecruiter

What Is a Good Hourly Rate for a Freelance Writer

If you work in the US, or for US-based companies, then your rates could be anywhere from $15 to $30 per hour. Remember to adjust them based on to the factors described at the beginning. For example, if you don’t have any writing experience, then this will affect your rates. The same applies to the content types you specialize in, your client relationship, and more.

Freelance Writing Rates per Word

Content Writing Rates

Define Your Content Writing Rates

  • The more experienced you are, the more you focus on content close to sales (like copywriting and ebooks), and the more complex the project, the more you can charge.
  • Aim to work outside freelance marketplaces; develop your writing site, and attract clients there. Focus on building relationships with your clients so you can get repeat and referral work.
  • Per-project fees are better than per-word. Per-hour pricing isn’t common, although you can use it to base your project fees.
  • English Native speakers from countries like the US and Australia make an average of $25 per hour, while Canadians make 22% less than them, and British writers make 10% more. If you live outside these countries, you can adapt your fees accordingly. But remember, your location shouldn’t be the only factor you take in your calculations. What matters is your content quality, not where you live.

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